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This is a brief collection of walks around my home town of Strathaven. After many attempts to follow walk routes described in various books and in most cases finding them to be at best ambiguous, I have tried to make the descriptions as complete and therefore as easy to follow and unambiguous as possible.

In the interests of keeping things simple, all the walks described around Strathaven will use the Common Green as a starting and finishing point.

The Crags and the Lethames

A route I have walked thousands of times, mostly with a dog, this route follows the main East Kilbride road for about a mile and then turns off onto much quieter country roads. Passing through mostly grazing land there can be a wide variety of wildlife to be seen.

The Shoogly Brig and Spectacle E'e Falls

not sure what to say about this one!
A walk taking in the famous "Shoogly Brig" as was, following the path of a Roman road and visiting the spectacular Spectacle E'e Falls


A longer walk around Ardochrig

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