Change Log

On this page you will find a log of changes made to the site.

Regular updates such as weather data and additions to existing photo galleries will not be included only new content or major changes will be recorded.

May 2010:  Some changes made to the contacts page because the reCAPTCHA wasn't working properly.

December 2009:  the site has been down for the last month or so because of problems at Jetnet, the host. The original server failed and the first replacement wasn't meeting the expectations of Jetnet, so a further change was made to get a service they were happy with.

October 2009:  A new gallery section has been added containing photographs from an Exodus Travels Highlights of Turkey trip.

April 2009:The VBA code used in generating the weather charts has been updated. Some charts now include the minima and maxima for some of the measured parameters.

December 2008:Some time ago I began to make some directions for walks that I know. After a lot of thought and confusion over the page design and how to get the look I wanted, the first walk has now been posted. I have also made a few more changes to the David Forrest material after discovering that the navigation bars were not as I thought and some of the links back from poems have been changed so that they return to the same place on the page as the original link to the poem. The CSS has been changed quite a lot to get the various list type layouts in the styles I wanted.

November 2008: A recent rekindling of my Family Tree project has led to me extensively reworking the article about David Forrest. It was formerly presented as one poorly formatted page. I have now split it into smaller sections with links to the poems, each of which now has a separate page. I hope this has made it much easier to read and navigate.

September 2008: Some gallery updates

July 2008: A lot of behind the scenes changes have been made since last August. Firstly, I have been trying to redo the site using XHTML instead of HTML. I have also been trying to make all formatting CSS based and learning a few things in the process. There is still a long way to go though. There have been a few gallery updates, mostly family photos including some of my new nephew who was born about a month ago, a site map page has been added, as has an RSS feed for updates. Weather data is now posted up to June and I have revamped my contact page using php code and a reCaPTCHA human verification form.(I am about to correct a typing mistake on it!)(12/7/08) Hardware page updated. (13/7/08)

August 2007: After thinking about the navigation bars and wanting to make them text based instead of images, I have begun to try and make the whole site W3C HTML compliant.

January 2007: Lots of things have changed since the last entry. The biggest change is the gradual move to a new gallery system using Apache::Gallery. jalbum works well but I found that it was a bit cumbersome - whenever a new file was added, more or less the whole gallery had to be rebuilt and uploaded. Using Apache::Gallery means I only need to caption the photos and copy them to the server.

March 2006: Added more detail about weather station, including some pictures. Various photo additions including my almost one year old niece, my car, some local scenery and the Venus transit of the Sun in 2004. Added March 2006 snow pictures and fixed copyright symbol problem in some images.

January 2006: Photo Gallery updated with jalbum going from 5.2 to 6.1, added Carnethy Hill photos, updated Hardware page, Weather updated to include 2006 and AWEKAS reference.

November 2005: Added Vietnamese photographs and revamped Weather charts (VBA script for Excel now being used to generate the graphs)

October 2005: Added photos from The Pyrenees, Tour of Britian Cycle race and Hagshaw Wind Farm. Added nav bar to JAlbum created pages. Sorted some links and made visited links consistent colours (I hope)

August /September 2005: Decision to add the weather data resulted in the desire to change the nav bar. In order to make changes like this easier, it was decided to change the nav bar to be a server side include, but Supanet don't appear to support such things on their "free" hosting, so spoke nicely to a friend and changed the host to Jetnet. Also took the opportunity to try again to restructure the workings of the site.

September 2005: Began work to redo the Family history information and updated the weather pages to add data

August 2005: Added weather page and moved remaining pages under the Powmillion home page while also removing

July 2005: migrated Family history pages to Powmillion

May 2005: started to migrate travel gallery pages from original Supanet site to Powmillion. Updated internal links in some barclays ... not working in Firefox because for it, they are case sensitive

April 2005: first trial pages posted

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