A Screed O' Random Rhyme

A Screed O ’ Random Rhyme is a biographical article written by my late uncle RD Gemmill about the life and poetry of David Forrest, my great, great uncle (Uncle to my Mum's Mum).
"Poems and Verse" is a small volume of "Uncle Davie's" poems that he had printed and gifted to members of his family.

Dedication (from Poems and Verse)
Handwritten Dedication (from Poems and Verse)
David Forrest
Auchendennan and Arden
Agriculture in Scotland in the early 1900s
CARNFORE - 1909-1910 (estate records)
David's Retirement
Forrest Family Tree

Cost of Living

Index of Poems

The volume "Poems and Verse" comprises ten poems printed in the following order
(This is not the order in which the main text referrs to them.)

The Spring o' the Year
Auchendennan, Loch Lomond
To a Friend Who Acted For Us In Purchasing a Wireless Set Which Needed Adjustment
On a Hare Sent by a Friend at Christmas
The Shepherd's Farewell to "Snap", His Old Working Collie
The Shepherd's Dream on the Eve of a Tup Sale
The Seasons and Clipping Time

The following poems and letters were not part of this work.

The Auld Railway Brig
The Wee Hoose
A New Year greeting to his nephew and neice. Dunlossit, Carluke. 28/12/29 (letter in verse)
"Dunlossit", Carluke. 19th April 1931 (letter in verse)
"Dear Sister, I sit doon to write" (letter in verse)
Dunlossit, Carluke
Wartime Restrictions and Afflictions

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