Some time ago, I began to try and collate my family tree. I began with information that other members of the family had already written down and combined it with what my parents and I already knew.

Since then, I have added information collected by my late Uncle as a 70th birthday present for my Dad, from registration and census records and from cousins in the USA. I have made contact with several previously unknown distant relatives around the World who have also added to my knowledge, and I hope, I to their's.

As anyone who has tried to compile their Family history will know, it is a fascinating adventure, but can be full of dead ends and uncertainties.

So far, I have 451 individuals in an ever growing project! ranging from my neice who was born in 2005 to my 7th Great Grandfather who was born around 1708.

I hope you find something of interest in the following links:


Family Tree

An image file of my family tree covering ten generations with links to Family Album pages (shown by *)

Book of Ancestors

A listing of my ancestors (Ahnentafel Report)

Some Barclays and Some Places

A little social history giving some background to the Barclay family from around the 1880s until the early 1960s

The Forrests

A more detailed account of some of my Forrest ancestors and the wider family

Places of the Forrests

Another bit of social history, covering the places where the Forrests lived

David Forrest

A background to David Forrest, would be poet, and samples of his published works (Sorry about the formatting)

Family Album

Here I hope to put pictures of as many members of my family as I can - need to sort them out first though